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There are times when an extension is not really necessary or even possible. There are still ways to improve your home beyond simple redecoration and we will identify how best to remodel the property to match your requirements.

We can not magically add space, but we can definitely make it work better for you and here is how:

More space | By changing the orientation of the staircase and utilising the unused space underneath. By creating high level storage over a bathroom, and in areas of high ceiling height. By converting the garage to create an enlarged kitchen or a study. By finding some storage potential in the loft space and decluttering your home.

Better space | By rearranging the internal layout to improve the circulation and create an increased sense of openness. 

By creating openings to walls and ceilings to bring natural light deep into the floor plan. By decluttering rooms and creating visual links along the house, bringing everything together.

Less space| By finding a way to open up floors to create double height spaces, even if it means actually reducing the floor area of the property, and add something truly special and spacious to your home. By removing that outbuilding and allowing the rear part of the house to open up to the garden and make a more effective use of the available space.

Zoned space | By combining functions in an open-plan arrangement. By defining different uses with changes to the level of the ceilings or floors. By opening up walls and creating long sight-lines and flexibility of how rooms are used at different times of the day, the week, or the year.

Design aspirations 

These days our home lives have become multi-dimensional with different priorities and preferences compared to the era our homes were built. Even homes built more recently follow old conversions with strict separation between dining, kitchen, and living areas, and as part of any residential renovation we look to identify how your needs respond to what the property has to offer.

During the design development stage we will get to explore lots of ideas but you can start the process now by considering answers to questions such as:

“How long do we plan to live in the property and how is our lifestyle likely to change over this time? What are the chances for a growing family, working from home, or picking up gardening as a hobby one day? Is this property a place for us to grow into, or is it a stepping stone to our dream property?”

“What are the top three things we like about our property, and what are the top three things we want to change as part of renovating and re-designing it?”

“Do we have a specific budget ceiling, and where do we want the money to be focussed on? What are the special elements of the design we do not want to compromise, and where can we be more flexible within the context of our budget?”

Inspiration and ideas

Below we have selected some projects to lend architectural inspiration and design ideas for your residential renovation. Enjoy!

purplebox Residential renovations in London | Home ideasVisit our portfolio for a selection of case studies or alternatively visit our London Residential page for your local authority and information about planning.

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